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I'm Not a CVT Teacher Anymore

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Ok, I am still an authorised CVT teacher. It means I graduated from the 3-year teacher course at the Complete Vocal Institute and have attended an update seminar during last three years.

So why the subject? I think that calling myself a CVT teacher is not entirely accurate and truthful anymore. I use so many methods and tools that I have developed myself or picked up elsewhere which are not related to CVT in any way. I don't want to mislead anyone to thinking that this part of my teaching would be CVT. Also, calling myself a CVT teacher isn't representative of the full scope of my professional skills. Of course, I haven’t abandoned everything CVT. I use what I think works well and there’s a lot. For example effects, how they are organised and their teaching methods are pretty clever and most comprehensive I've seen so far. However, nowadays I’m able to help singers much better and more efficiently in my own unique way.

Vocal modes and their vowels rules as well as separating them from sound colour form a nicely simplified model. It is easy to understand for beginners. However, I don't think it’s enough for ambitious teachers. Having studied theory and function of the singing voice and having done research with professor Johan Sundberg I have learned to understand the background of the model in a much deeper way. I understand now better why it works and why it doesn’t sometimes. And for those occasions it doesn’t work I have more tools now. Most of the theoretical information might not be useful for a singer but it helps me to provide them with better informed and more efficient teaching.

Previously I avoided taking credit when I did a good job and would credit CVT instead. Now that I think it might not have been beneficial to be that humble. Could it have been that I did well because I was skilled in applying the technique? The way my teaching has changed has been a process fuelled by constant studying. It has been difficult to notice the change because it hasn't been sudden. So I've come to realise that I should be proud of my skills and what I know as a teacher and not hide it. Maybe I have something unique to give to the vocal pedagogy community. Something that others can learn from too.

So I guess the bottom line here for singers and anyone looking for a teacher is that if you want to study strictly CVT you should pick someone else than me to teach you. However, if you wanna get best possible tools for you vocal development I could be a good choice.

And for singing teachers, vocal coaches and anyone interested, I hope you start following my blog. I'm going to write about how I have reorganised the vocal modes and sound colour in my head. I'll discuss why many technical instructions can be pointless. I'm also planning to write about vocal tract acoustics and resonance and share my observations and ideas about pedagogy, motor learning, embodiment and expression. Stay tuned!

If you have any comments, please write them below. All ideas are welcome!

— Ville —