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When I make music I try to grasp a sentiment, passing moment, taste or visual image and turn them into sound. That original spark is something I try to preserve when I arrange, orchestrate and work on with the music. This process is slow and it involves a lot of trials and errors, building something, erasing and going to another direction. In my musical history I have been influenced by western classical music, folk music from Europe and around the world, all kinds of pop music, electronic music, choral and acappella music.

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Spaces Around Times - piano album

I recorded an album of my instrumental piano compositions in 2018. The album was released in October 2019.

Beautiful and evocative piano pieces derive from the tradition of classical music, minimalism as well as film music. Many of the pieces were composed in Paris during a residency in 2016-17. The pieces were first heard live at a concert at Cité Internationale des arts Paris in February 2019.

Boy With Strings was my solo project. I wrote the music, sang, played keyboards, programmed and produced. As the name states, there is a strong presence of strings, especially violin which is looped and manipulated by digital effects. I collaborated first with violinist Tommi Asplund and later Anni Elonen. Boy With Strings tells stories about passing of time, memories, changing seasons, possibilities, nature, choices and all kinds of dreams and conceptions.

Boy With Strings album Spaces Between Memories was released in 2015. Music video was filmed in Berlin and Helsinki for the single Moments That Were Not. Live shows have been played in Helsinki as well as Copenhagen and Paris.

Below you will find my music video and videos from live concerts.



Besides my solo work I also write music for other projects. I have written songs for several other artists, most notably Antti Tuisku, the biggest male pop star in Finland. My songs have been featured on Finnish finals of Eurovision Song Contest performed by world music artist Riikka Timonen known from Värttinä and Adiemus. I also write songs on order for private customers. There's a small selection of my works in the Spotify playlist. See a full list of music written by me

I have written music for short films, composed a cappella choir music and made choir arrangements for Nightwish. In pop song co-write sessions I usually work as topliner having a sensibility for strong and catchy melodies and evocative harmonies.

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Since I have my own studio I can record vocals for demos, commercials and productions quickly and efficiently. I have worked with several producers and artists of different styles. I can arrange backing vocals and hire a female singer or a bigger group if needed.

I work also as a vocal producer for other artists both recording in my studio and other locations. I have a unique set of skills for vocal production combining my knowledge on music production, vocal coaching and my own artistry. Since vocals are usually the most important part of the song it makes sense to invest in making it sound as good as it can.

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